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This module splits local network internet traffic between few internet service providers (ISP) of your company using different criteria.

Your company can use few ISP, first is default and all others are complementary. This internet connection provides more stability because if one of ISP connection is broken you can use temporary second ISP connection as default and your company still has internal access. You can not keep unused complementary ISP when everytihng is ok, you need split traffic between all your ISP using different criteria. For example second ISP you can use for audio/video traffic of your conferences.

This module provides usefull tool to create and use your own traffic routing criteria and split local network traffic between ISPs.

Using "Service configuration" you can create routing settings of often used services and apply them to create routing criteria in the "Service routing". For example you can define skype routing settings as skype service and later you need just select skype service and defined routing settings will be applied. TrafficPanel has a lot of predefined service already.

If you need create some spefic traffic routing then go to "Custom routing" and define there protocols, ports, protos to route traffic through required ISP.

Pic.: local network hosts which have routed traffic. Main of them have routed "Skype" to Atlant ISP.

Pic.: service routing definition. As you can see one service can have a few rules because uses different protocols.

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