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TCP shaping

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The main goal of this module is to manage the speed of the traffic passing through the server, optimize and guarantee network performance as well as expand network bandwidth by means of delaying TCP packets with the defined corresponding criteria. This module controls the amount of network data passed during regular short intervals and provides equal distribution as defined in the configuration.

Network traffic configuration is splitting local network hosts into different groups and defining total maximum traffic speed. Using this info module will limit the total group network speed according to the defined maximum value and distribute it among local network hosts inside this group as required. As a result if the group total maximum traffic speed is set as 1Mb/s then no host of this group can have its speed exceeding the said value and at the same time the total group speed will not surpass this level also. Thus, the channel will be distributed equally inside the group.

Usage: for example you have ISP speed 1,5 Mb/s. You need to provide unlimited speed access for some VIP persons and limit all the other up to 1 Mb/s. To do this you need to split local network hosts into two groups. The first group will contain VIP IP addresses and unlimited network speed. The second group will contain all the other users or the entire network with the specified total maximum speed of 1 Mb. As result a Internet access speed for VIP hosts will be .

Please pay attention to the fact that the order of classes matters. The module will search for a certain IP among the groups in the sequence and the maximum total limit of the first group found will apply.

Pic.: There are grouped local network hosts for several groups with traffic bandwidth. Group "proxy2-fs" contains two hosts with TCP traffic bandwidth of 100 Mbit/s.

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