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TCP logging

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This module is used to calculate and restrict TCP traffic through proxy server for each local network host.

This module has a user-friendly web interface that allows analyzing the incoming and outgoing network traffic through a proxy server for each Internet provider and displaying several previous time periods (defined in the configuration), total amount for the current day and total for the required number of days.

Using web interface you can define the maximum of daily total tcp traffic amount per local network host and local network host internet traffic will be blocked if the defined amount value is reached and an email will be sent to the specified email addresses. To unblock the host you need to increase the maximum amount of total daily traffic. The blocking rules will be removed automatically. The default maximum total amount of daily traffic is defined in the module configuration.

This module can help you detect malware installed in the local network hosts that uses Internet traffic. The infected host can use a lot of traffic and using the Connections tracking module you can define a remote host as well and fix this problem.

Pic.: Recent TCP traffic report per local network host (current state, for the last minute, for the last 5 minutes, for the last hour) and for the current day. Using filter criteria you can get a report by interface and for the last few days.

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