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Net connections

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This module provides information about tcp/udp network connections through proxy server with definition: source and destination hosts, port numbers, total amount of the transferred data (in bytes and packets).

Using different filter criteria you can easily find required network connections. For example using local network host as a filter criterion shows all network connections between this host and internet hosts.

For a more user-friendly output this module can resolve ip address and port numbers. If an ip address can not be resolved then you will see this ip address as is and by clicking on the corresponding link all DNS data of this ip address will be shown.

As this module allows track network connections with displaying total amount traffic per connection it helps faster find network traffic leaks and even some trojans and backdoors or installed torrent clients which creates unaproved network connections. For example some local network host traffic is too huge. Using this module you can get a list of all internet network connections of this host to find why traffic is too big and close it using module Firewall manager.

Pic.: Current active connection of local network

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