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Mac filtering

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The main goal of this module is to prevent using Internet if somebody changes their ip address. This module contains mac addresses of all local network hosts and compares at regular intervals conformity known mac address and the current mac address. If they are not the same then the mac owner host gets disconnected from the Internet and a notification is sent to the specified email address.

TrafficPanel has a lot of traffic restrictions using local network ip addresses and if some restriction fires then the host owner can try to avoid it by means of changing their ip address with another value, even with VIP ip. As soon as the ip address is changed this module finds it and blocks any access to Internet for the changed ip and sends an email notification. When the ip is set back then the module unblocks Internet access of the changed ip.

If you have a \"test\" ip then you can set ignoring mac checking for this particular ip address. But in this case you will need to enable this ip only when you use it to prevent using this ip by another person.

Pic.: Internet access of is blocked because mac address is changed. It looks like the QQQQQQQ user tried to avoid some restrictions to get better Internet access with new unapproved ip address.

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