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HTTP requests filtering

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This module blocks HTTP traffic of local network hosts to some defined web resources based on request header information and local network host IP address. Blocked web resources are split into several thematic groups already. For example the "porno" group contains a list of different web resources with pornographic content, the "violence" group contains a list of web resources with violence and cruelty popularizing content and so on.

You do not need to define some blocking conditions for each local network host. You can split local network host into groups and set some blocking conditions for each group, you can even set your local network as

For example:
You have VIP hosts which should have unlimited web access and block access to "porno" and "drugs" web resources for the entire local network.
It can be made with two groups:
- the first group lists VIP hosts and does not have any selected blocking resource type;
- the second group contains all your network hosts (listed by IP or with a network mask) and "porno" and "drugs" are selected as blocking resource types.

Attention! The defined groups are checked as they come and the "first found" condition is applied. In this case the group defining the entire network should be used after the groups of particular IP addresses.

If a web request does not correspond to any condition then depending on the default action this web request will be accepted or rejected. The default action is defined in the module configuration.

Pic.: Important users list with unlimited access to web resources

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