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This module shows HTTP traffic reports through your proxy server during the specified period defined in the module configuration. These reports contain common and detailed information per local network host. Using this info you can define top user activity of internet web resources, in the daily reports they are not in top always but for a long period they are in top activity and spend a lot of work time on web surfing.

This module shows most popular web resources visited by your employees and you can evaluate how much working time your employees spend on it and how much it costs you.

This module also provides useful web gui to look through the reports for the required period and can send them by email.

Using information provided by this module you can restrict access to web resources using the following modules
- HTTP shaping
- HTTP requests filtering
- HTTP amount traffic restriction

This module partly uses HTTP logging settings but they are independent

Pic.: HTTP traffic report per local network host for the period (1 month)

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