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HTTP shaping

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The main goal of this module is HTTP traffic speed management through proxy server from local network hosts to Internet web resources based on HTTP request information like web server name, local/remote server IP address, information type, etc. This module uses HTTP traffic shaping feature of free HTTP proxy server squid, available with all *nix systems.

A friendly web interface allows you easily and quickly create the required network speed restrictions without squid settings competence. All you need is to split your company HTTP traffic into several groups and define max HTTP traffic speed or block access. If HTTP traffic does not meet any conditions then the default HTTP traffic speed will be applied (defined in the module configuration).

For example you need to limit speed to some news web servers for all employees except for a few of them and block access to social networks for all of them. In this case you create three ordered groups of HTTP traffic:

  • social network;
  • unlimitted access to news servers for a number of employees;
  • limited access to specified news servers for all employees.

The first group will block access to social networks, the second one will provide unlimitted access and the third one will have the specified maximum HTTP traffic speed to access the listed news servers.

You can create required the groups to split your company HTTP traffic for convenience of your employees and prevent them from using their paid working time and internet for fun.

Pic.: HTTP traffic speed definition for web resources group. You can consolidate web resources groups to define the same speed for several groups. "Important Web Sites" and "Important Users" have unlimited speed.

Pic.: "Important Web Sites" group definition. This group contains google.com, ya.ru, etc. As defined in the previous screenshot, access to these web resources is unlimitted.

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