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HTTP amount traffic restriction

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This module calculates HTTP traffic within local network host and restricts access to Internet HTTP resources if total amount of http traffic on a local host exceeds the maximum allowed for this host. The default maximum total amount is defined in the module configuration and the host maximum total amount is defined on the Limits page. If host value is not defined then default is applied.

If the total amount of HTTP traffic for some host is exceeded then this host is added to the restricted HTTP web resources. If a particular local host is blocked with exceeding HTTP traffic then you need to increase the maximum total amount in the Limits and this host will be unblocked automatically.

Every day at a specified time the total amount of HTTP traffic clears (midnight is recommended) and traffic calculation starts again from zero. You can clear it by yourself from the web interface clicking on the "Clear Log" button on the "Current State" page. All restrictions are removed when you clear the log.

If you need to ignore HTTP traffic restrictions of some local hosts you can just list these hosts in the HTTP Bandwidth class to move to "ignore classes" list (page "Ignore Classes"). Usually in the local network you have VIP hosts without any bandwidth restrictions and they are listed in the HTTP Bandwidth class already. In this case you just list this class as "ignore" and VIP hosts HTTP traffic will be not restricted.

This module requires enabled HTTP Bandwidth. If you block HTTP Bandwidth this module will calculate HTTP total traffic amount but HTTP traffic will not be restricted if the total amount is exceeded.

Pic.: Current state of the HTTP traffic amount of local network hosts and the maximum amount value

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