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The main goal of TrafficPannel is providing a user friednly and easily accessible user interface to manage network traffic through server (proxy server) based on free Linux tools like iptables, ifconfig, route, etc. Usually TrafficPanel is installed on a company's proxy server between the company's local network and internet service provider to log, analyze and manage traffic through this server based on the installed modules. TrafficPanel kernel is the central component of this tool; it is a bridge between modules. The kernel responsibilities include the communication between modules and linux tools. Kernel provides functionality to run the required system tool manually and automatically using the TrafficPanel's own internal task manager.
Each module provides limited functionality and can use different linux tools. For example HTTP shaping module requires squid and this module uses kernel to manage squid and communicate with HTTP logging module.

TrafficPanel provides the following possibilities:

System requirements

You need any suitable computer with Linux-suitable operation system running to use TrafficPanel like SuSe, RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian

  • Any Pentium-compatible processor (1GHz+ Intel/AMD recommended)
  • 512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
  • 100MB of hard-drive
  • Linux

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